Your Privacy

Folks, let me be completely honest and up front with you all.  I’m here to promote myself and sell books.  Contact with me via any social media, be it Facebook, G+, Goodreads, LinkedIn, Twitter or direct comments on this blog may result in me looking at your profiles, and maybe collecting your email addresses.

I won’t share it with anyone.  Ever.  What will I do?  Simple.  On occasion you might get an email from to let you know about a promo I’m doing, or a new release.

If you get an email from me that you’d rather not have received, let me know.  I’ll delete your email from my address book, and also keep it in a separate file I call my “No Send List”, with which I cross-check my address book before I send out any emails.

Now, I’ll gladly hold up my hand and say mea culpa for this.  Some may not like it, but at least I’m being honest about it.  Big corporations collect far more data on you, and are far more aggressive about marketing their stuff to you than I.

There is a way you can stop this kind of thing happening.  Remember, all social media is designed for marketing, but YOU control what information you make available.  If you put your email address, or any other information on public display, it’s going to be added to databases.