When she thought about monsters like werewolves and vampires, which wasn’t very often, Sarah Coppernick felt quite safe in the knowledge that such awful creatures were not real. The last thing she expected was to discover such creatures are every bit as real as you. Even more unexpected for Sarah, was the discovery that she herself was one of them…

As if things weren’t bad enough. Golden Mane werewolf Sarah Coppernick has found one half of the mystical Star of Planes. Now she has to find the next piece so she can use it to defeat the evil Mautallius and the entire Sorcerers’ Guild, and destroy Conundrum Gate. But how is young girl to do that with only a tiny rag-tag bunch of renegade sorcerers and werewolves for allies…?


Sarah and her best friend Mel now have both pieces of The Star of Planes – the mystical key to operating Conundrum Gate. The race is on to discover the secrets to using The Star, and indeed their own powers, before the evil Mautallius can use The Gate to unleash the ultimate horror!