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Sticks And Stones And Facebook

Go home, FB.  You’re drunk.

Here’s the post I was trying to boost:

And here’s their response:

And there you have it.  Apparently a pen is offensive.  What do you think?



Facebook’s being a right knob by not letting me promote harmless links to my books on Smashwords.

So, to get around them, I’m putting the links in this post.  Both are available in mobi an epub formats.

The Department

Angela Of Troy

So, Facebook, you can kiss my ass!



Don’t Be Afraid To Point Out The Tell

It’s a chicken and egg thing.  When I’m up, I write.  When I’m coming up out of a down swing, I start to write.  When I swing back down, all writing stops.  I don’t know if writing is a symptom or a cause of an improvement in my mood, but I know I can only do it when I’m up, and the longer I do it, the longer I’ll stay up.

Problem is, the longer I stay up, the deeper my next down might be when it comes around.  For me, it’s writing, but I’m pretty sure for other people, the same can be applied to all kinds of pursuits, be they artistic or not.

I’m probably not alone in this sort of thing.  If someone you know has mood swings, and a noticable tell – meaning you can spot a trigger or pattern of symptoms/causes that alerts you to them – don’t be afraid to let them know.  It took me years to realise the two were related for me, and much trouble could have been avoided had I known.

You Must WIP It

WIPs.  Works In Progress.  Yes, I’m talking about plural here.  I have 3.  Frustrating.

One is the last short for my Pack Coppernick series, after which, I’m putting it to rest.  I know I said there’d be more, but to be honest, I’ve just run out of steam with the whole thing.

Two is a new adult futuristic Sci-Fi trilogy, and absolutely no spin-offs for this one.

The third is one that hit me on the weekend, and it’s kinda taken hold in my brain.  It’s set in the current day, and is another YA set.  What I hope makes this different, and I hope appealing to readers, is there’s not a single character in it – well none who survive, that is – who has any redeeming qualities at all.  I know that every time I watch a movie or read a book, somehow, I always find myself either sympathising with, or downright supporting the antagonist.  And, I reckon I’m not alone.

I read the first chapter to Miss11 yesterday and she loved it.  This is a girl who loves the good guys in most of the books she reads etc, but deep down, thinks Harley Quinn is the BEST CHARACTER EVER.  You know what? I think she’s probably right.

The Big Facebook Cleanup

As I write this, I have 4353 friends on Facebook.  I reckon only a small percentage of those are people I actually know,  or correspond with, with any regularity.  So, I’m making a list of people to stay friends with.  Everyone I message or chat with, everyone who posts something I like, or likes something I post, plus a few actual friends and family, will go onto this list.  Then, come March 24 2018, everyone else will be unfriended.

I’m not doing this to be an asshole.  I’m not doing this to follow the hipster trend of dumping FB.  I’m doing this for money, boys and girls.  It’s that simple.

In the past few months of selling plants, planters and garden beds, I haven’t made more than I have by writing, but I have made it faster.  So, I’m going to keep my friends list below the 5k limit between now and March 2018.  I’m also going to only accept friend requests from people I know, or Melbournians who may wish to buy stuff from me.  Then, come March 24, 2018, I’m taking a razor to my friends list.

So, if you want to stay in touch, like this, or any other post, between now and this time next year.  If this has rubbed you the wrong way, unfriend me.  I won’t mind.  You’ll be saving me some time.

My New Half Price Herbs Group!

There’s a saying in retail: “Raising prices opens an umbrella for your competitors.”

When I first started selling my herbs, I set the price at $0.50 for small pots, $0.75 for large pots, and $0.25 for Tomatoes Of Mystery (all self-seeded, none of which I could identify as this variety or that, so they really were a lucky dip!).  I sold out pretty quickly.  So, I raised myt price to $0.75, and sold out almost as fast.

Now, at the urging of Superwife, and encouragement from some customers, I’ve raised it again to $1.00.  That’s double my original price, and it made me feel edgy.  So, I created a way for savvy customers and my precious repeat customers, to get them at my original price of $0.50 for small pots of herbs, and $0.75 for large pots.  All they have to do is join my Bandannasam’s Half Price Herbs Facebook group, and they’re eligibale for the reduced price.

Right now I have small pots of Common Mint, Vientamese Mint, and Basil – all listed elsewhere ar $1.00, but for group members, just $0.50. Also, I have large pots of Common Mint, normally $1.50, but just $0.75 to group members.

Take that, Bunnings!

Also, I just got some pics from a local childcare centre, to which I sold my first batch of raised planter boxes.  Look pretty good, don’t they?!?

If you’d like some, I knock them together for $50 a box.  They’re made out of repurposed wood from forklift pallets.

I also sell vertical wall planters like this one:

Small: ≤ 80cm² $15
Medium: ≤ 100cm² $20
Large: ≥ 120cm² $25

These too are made from forkilft pallets, and come lined with plastic so your plants won’t dry out.  Me, a gardener.  Who’d have thunk it???




My New Gym

There’s something vety satisfying about being destructive.  Last night, I bashed and pried apart a couple of forklift pallets – I need the lumber for some box planters I’ve been comissioned to make for a local day care centre.  Once I’d done that for about half an hour, I’d worked up quite a sweat.  Then, I took a break for dinner, then went out and did it again for another hour.

My arms and shoulders hurt.  In fact, just about everything hurts.  But, it’s a good hurt, and I know if I keep going at this rate, it can only be a good thing.  Now all I need to do is just sit down with Superwife and figure out what days I can ride to work to burn off even more calories.


And Another Thing…

Just two additions to my New Years’ Resolutions:

  • Get more exercise.
  • Blog more.

There.  That’s enough to keep me going.  So far, so good.  I’ve done some scribbling.  I’m reading, (or at least I should say I’m re-reading,) one of my favourite books.  It’s the Samuel Johnson Series by John Connolly.  If you haven’t read it, shame on you!

I’m also gearing up for the weekend.  TGIF, because tomorrow and Sunday, I’m doing my Half Price Sale on Gumtree.  I can’t insert the link here yet because the ad’s not active.  Instead, my weekday ads are here and here.  If you live near me, and want some cheap herbs (Sage, Basil, Oregano, or Mint,), email, reply here or msg me.  Here are just a couple of pics.


Mint (Common) – Weekdays, $0.50.  Tomorrow and Sunday, JUST $0.25!!!


Oregano, (Greek) – Weekdays, $0.50.  Tomorrow and Sunday, JUST $0.25!!!

I’m also offering up a wall planter made up from a recycled forklift pallet.


Weekdays, $30.00  Tomorrow and Sunday, JUST $15.00!!!

(pick-up only.)

Till next week,


We’re Recruiting!

In recruitment mode at the day job for our Aspley store in Queensland.

We’ve got a Seek ad running.  The deets are below:

Gilmour’s Comfort Shoes, Australia’s premier footwear fitters, have  casual and permanent part-time positions for footwear fitters at our store in the Aspley Homemaker Centre, on the corners of Zillmere and Gympie Rds, Aspley, approximately 20 minutess north of Brisbane CBD.

We’re looking for reliable, cheerful people.  Good people skills and ready smiles are a must.  Experience in footwear/apparel retail is preferred but not essential. Applicants must be well presented and able to work well within a team.

We trade Mondays through Saturdays. Applicants must be flexible and reliable enough to work all the days we trade, including Saturdays.

Most casual employees can be rostered two to five shifts per week, including Saturdays. – approximately 10 to 25 hours a week.  NOTE: These hours and shifts are examples only, and may vary.  

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be part of the best footwear fitting team in the country, send us your resume!

Please apply in writing with references, AND also use the form available here:

Please submit your application in a standard format – PDF, doc or rtf preferred.

Sam Gilmour Director Gilmour’s Pty Ltd

Share or even apply yourselves!


NaNoWriMo. Nah. No. Every-Month-Is-Writing-Month.

Call me a killjoy, but I just can’t get behind NaNoWriMo this year.  In fact, I’m having trouble stomaching all the online rev-ups for every damned thing.  If people spent a mere fraction of their time trying to rally everyone to their causes, actually on their causes, they’d get a whole lot more done.

So, Fuck NaNoWriMo.


Now some might say I’ve just come down with a bad case of Monday-itis, (actually, I prefer to call it Acute Fedupwithit Disorder), or that I woke up on the wrong side of the cage.  Or that I’m just a foul-mouthed asshole.  Any probably fit.  So, fuck it.  I’ll just keep plodding along and writing my stuff as fast as I can get the words out, and when I’m not writing, I’ll be proofing and polishing.  Fifty thousand words in one month?  That’s a fucking breeze.  Writing fifty thousand good words, fifty thousand seamless, well-edited, readable words… that’s something different.  If you think you can do it, more power to you.  I can’t, so I won’t.  So there.

And now, I think I’ll just try to spend the rest of the month with my fingers in my ears in an effort to block out all the fucking Christmas music (gag) being beamed into our brains in an effort to make us buy crap we don’t need instead of that single roll of cling-film we forgot to get when we went shopping on Saturday, but now need in a big hurry or that meat marinating in the fridge for tonight’s stir-fry will make everything else in the fridge smell like ginger and garlic.