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It’s Alive!

It’s taken a while, but it’s finally LIVE!

Troopers, Book One of The Clan Victorious Series

In the year 5902 AD, young Louis Lopez, a farmer and rebel jacker with The Resistance, has a chance to get on board Clan Victorious’ central station, Solar One. Will he risk it all to fight the ruling sub-species of superhumans, or will he join them…?

Now available for your Kindle device or app at all Amazon stores:






















Radio Silence

Been a bit quiet lately because I’ve been in a scribbling zone.  Now comes the proofing, and reading it out aloud bit.  Fun…  not.

Writing Mode

Sometimes, I feel like I’m a number of Sams all rolled into one.  One’s just a simple husband and dad who works in retail.  One’s a writer.  Another’s a hobby gardener, trying to bring in a few extra dollars by selling herbs and planter boxes.  The trouble is, I can only switch between these modes one at a time.  I can, on rare occasions, run Family Sam with Writer Sam, or Gardener Sam, but not for long.

Writer Sam is the most anti-social of all three.  He needs large chunks of unbroken time, and discipline.  Annoyingly, since he takes medication to help stabilise his moods, the discipline is very important, especially since he’s always been a pantser*.  He can’t just sit down at a keyboard while he’s on an up-swing and write for hours, or sometimes even days at a time.  He needs bum-glue.

And, there’s always the financial side.  Gardener Sam is making more money, more regularly, than Writer Sam.

So, Gardener Sam is gazumping Writer Sam a lot these days.  But, Writer Sam has got a message to all his fans:  Don’t Panic!!!  There is more copming; it’s just going to be coming more slowly than before.  In fact, I’m writing a bit today, which is nice, so stay tuned!

*A pantser writer writes by the seat of his or her pants, while a plotter is more disciplined, and maps their story out much more clearly before and during the writing process.




My New Half Price Herbs Group!

There’s a saying in retail: “Raising prices opens an umbrella for your competitors.”

When I first started selling my herbs, I set the price at $0.50 for small pots, $0.75 for large pots, and $0.25 for Tomatoes Of Mystery (all self-seeded, none of which I could identify as this variety or that, so they really were a lucky dip!).  I sold out pretty quickly.  So, I raised myt price to $0.75, and sold out almost as fast.

Now, at the urging of Superwife, and encouragement from some customers, I’ve raised it again to $1.00.  That’s double my original price, and it made me feel edgy.  So, I created a way for savvy customers and my precious repeat customers, to get them at my original price of $0.50 for small pots of herbs, and $0.75 for large pots.  All they have to do is join my Bandannasam’s Half Price Herbs Facebook group, and they’re eligibale for the reduced price.

Right now I have small pots of Common Mint, Vientamese Mint, and Basil – all listed elsewhere ar $1.00, but for group members, just $0.50. Also, I have large pots of Common Mint, normally $1.50, but just $0.75 to group members.

Take that, Bunnings!

Also, I just got some pics from a local childcare centre, to which I sold my first batch of raised planter boxes.  Look pretty good, don’t they?!?

If you’d like some, I knock them together for $50 a box.  They’re made out of repurposed wood from forklift pallets.

I also sell vertical wall planters like this one:

Small: ≤ 80cm² $15
Medium: ≤ 100cm² $20
Large: ≥ 120cm² $25

These too are made from forkilft pallets, and come lined with plastic so your plants won’t dry out.  Me, a gardener.  Who’d have thunk it???




So Far, So Good…

Remember those New Years’ Resolutions I made?  Well the gardening & exercise bits seem to have merged into one.  In the past few weeks, I’ve dropped a couple of kilograms, and there’s a noticable difference in my muscle tone (not that I’m bragging, mind you,), but I can definitely feel it.  Must be all that hammering and prying apart of forklift pallets to make planter boxes like these:

img_0148 img_0149

Not bad, eh?  I sold ’em to a local day-care joint for a song – they were prototypes after all.  Now I know what I’m doing and just how long it takes me to make them, I’ve got a better idea of what to charge, and that’s $50 a pop plus $20 per ute-load delivery.  They’re all made out of re-purposed forklift pallets, and roughly 100 cm X 100 cm X 50 cm.  If you’re interested, you know how to get me.


I Think I Might Be Onto Something…

Free classifieds like Gumtree and Facebook marketplace have helped me discover a whole new world.  Now, I’m not exactly dumpster diving, but I do collect plastic bottles from public bins, and also soil when it’s being dug up by local council workers when they’re doing various “improvements” to bike paths and footpaths (that’s sidewalks, to you non-aussies,).  Add that to the used coffee grounds I get from a local cafe, and I’ve got my pots and compost sorted.  Also I collect discarded forklift pallets to make planters; I sold three just yesterday.  All I really need to buy are seeds, nails, screws, and the occasional roll of builders’ film for lining the planters.

I doubt I’m making a fortune, but I’m certainly getting material for a how-to book (Shudder!  It’ll be non-fiction!),  and I’m scraping up enough to cover some, if not most, of the weekly groceries.  And, business is growing!  I’m having to amp up my production of herbs, and the pallet planters.

Not a bad little sideline, wot?



So yesterday, I put up an ad in a Facebook group.  The response was pretty overwhelming.  Granted I’m giving away my herbs at ridiculously low prices, but, well, just wow!  Superwife is urging me to put the prices up.  I’m reluctant, but deep down, I think she’s right.  I’ll keep the prices as they are for now, but on the weekend, I’ll have to make a few alterations.

I’m also planting more seedlings.  Let me know if there’s anything you want me to grow.


My Alter Ego… Well One Of Them Anyway

I’ve always had a bit of a green thumb.   I might not be very good with tools or anything electrical, but I can usually get plants to grow.  Combine that with my nature to be a bit of a Womble and composter, and I’ve got a ready supply of herbs and self-sewn tomatoes for sale.









Tomatoes Of Mystery



Herbs and Tomatoes cheap! Mint, Oregano, Sage. Small herb pots $0.25 or 5 for $1.00. Large herb pots $0.5, or 5 for $2.00. Tomatoes just $0.10 each!!!

Pickup only. Weekdays 6:00pm – 8:30pm, Weekends 9:00am – 5:pm.
No holds.

You can also find me on Gumtree:

My facebook page:…/





Me And My Tomato Seedlings Of Mystery!

Yes folks, aside from being a self-pubbed scribbler, I’ve also joined the ranks of Gumtree users.

I’ve got a bit of a green thumb (well, it’s also bruised because of my bad aim with a hammer, bu that’s another story,)  and have quite a collection of cheap herbs and Tomato Seedlings Of Mystery.*  To house them, I’ve also been knocking together some wall planters out of used forklift pallets.



During the week, the planter is $45, and the pots in them – Oregano, Mint, and Tomato Seedlings Of Mystery* are $0.75, or $60 for 10 or more.  On the weekend, I’m running a super special: The planter is still $45, but you can stock it with whatever plants I have that will fit, all of your choice, completely FREE!  Pretty soon, I’ll have Sage, Thyme, Basil and Parsley to add to the list of herbs.

* What are these Tomato Seedlings Of Mystery???  They’ve popped up out of our compost, and around the garden where we’ve had various cherry-type tomatoes growing.  Seriously, it’s like the great Greek Goddess Demeter has blessed the loam therein.  Wherever I spread its wormy nutricious plant food, I get them urupting out of the soil.  I have no real idea what they’ll be; it’s pot luck!

Anyway.  Enough of my babble.  Here’s the link.





Another #Freebie!

#FREE for a limited time!
Get it while it’s hot!