A man without a blog no more!

So I had this little blog.  It was nice.  It did what I want, which was mostly provide me with a quiet little spot for me to rant about this and that.  Everything was a-okay.  Then things went south.  I wanted to add widgets to it, linking to my Amazon Author page and Facebook and Twitter.  Nup. I wanted to add a customised banner.   Sorry pal.  Blogger wasn’t that kind of girl (though I’m told she’s loosened up a bit since then).  Not even if I was ready to pay a little extra.  So, I shelved it.  Whammo.  Deleted the whole thing.  I was a man without a blog.

Oh, I made do with Facebook and Google+ and Twitter, but it wasn’t the same.  So, I sought out WordPress.  It took me a while, but I’ve managed to finally find a place I think I’ll be able to call home.  Well, that is until I’m making enough with my writing to afford a bigass German car to dress up my driveway, and also pay some nice young geek to create a site for me.

So here I am.  Hello.  Pleased to meet you all.  I’m still feeling my way around this blog, so it might seem a little lumpy at times.  Don’t worry.  I’m working on it.  Now, a few things I’ll say right off the bat:

I swear.  Not a lot, but I do let the odd profanity rip.  Also, I tend to rant a bit about things that irk me.  If I offend you, or my opinion differs from yours and you don’t like it, close the window.  Thanks for dropping by.  Leave a comment if you like, but remember; you chose to read my blog. I didn’t force you to read it.

There, now that’s out of the way, here’s what you can also expect from my blog, apart from the random stuff I blog about on a day-to-day basis (which  could be about how I’m feeling at the moment.  It could be about family.  It could be about ice-cream or that itch I can’t seem to scratch without turning myself into a pretzel.  You get the idea).

Reviews.  These will fall into three main categories.  Books, Movies, and Things I Ate (mostly hamburgers and other junk food).

My Two Cents.  This will usually be a few brief lines outlining my take on whatever current issue has me fired up at the time.

News.  This will usually be completely self-promotional stuff.  If I’ve released a new book or short story, I’ll post news of it here.  If any of my work gets a review or is being discounted, I’ll spruik it.  If I’ve been a guest or interviewed on another blog, yep, you guessed it.   I’ll announce it here.

Guest spots.  Occasionally, if a writer I know has caught my eye and they have the time, I might feature them here.  There’ll be a few questions and answers, as well as links, snippets of their work as well as other random pieces and bits.

So there you have it.  Looking forward to seeing you back sometime soon.