Twenty Questions – Teri Fowler

20 Questions for Teri Fowler

Hi Teri!  Just leave your details with the nurse and follow me to examination room 13.  Sorry about the robe.  I’ve never understood why they’re so breezy back there.  Now, before we begin, I just have to check a few boxes…

Your Author name, just in case it’s different from what’s up there in the title of this post:  Teri Fowler

And you’ve got your bio there, I see.  Can I have a look?  I live in a beautiful part of the Southwest of England. My first experience of writing was creating what is known as ‘fan fiction’ on the Internet forum of one of my favourite artists. Lots of my readers gave me really positive feedback and encouraged me to write more and take things further. Without them, I would never have had the confidence to submit a manuscript. I enjoy the process of writing and creating characters I would like to meet and situations I would love to be in.

Age:  44 

Country of residence:  England

Marital status:  Happily separated! 

Known allergies:  BS brings the bitch out in me 🙂 

Latest release:  The Submission Sessions

Current Work(s) In Progress:  Shades of Love 4 – an I/R erotic romance 

Right, now that’s out of the way, let’s get on with the 20 Questions.  Don’t worry, this won’t hurt.  If you’re good, when we’re done, you can have a lollypop.   Let’s start with a few basics.

Plotter or Pantser?  If plotter, describe your process.

I’m a ‘moody’ pantser. In other words, I have to be in the mood to write.

2 I tend to write sporadically, randomly juggling my writing around work, family and various procrastinations.  How structured is your writing time?

My writing time isn’t structured at all. I just type when I get the urge and the time.

What writing software do you use?

Just Word. 

I have a small circle of beta readers.  How many do you use?

I don’t have any. I don’t have a problem with them, but writing has always been a solitary pursuit for me and I’ve never been in a group that offered to beta read or even suggested it.

5 Have you ever paid for beta reading?

See above

6 Have there been any scenes you’ve edited out because of a negative reaction from a beta, only to regret it once you released the work and got feedback from the public?

I’ve had this experience with editors, but only once that I can remember. It was a tiny scene about scuba diving, so nothing vitally important to the plot, but the editor thought it slowed the scene down, and I deleted it. I wish I’d saved it because it was lovely and taken from personal experience. 

7 What about proof-reading?  Ever paid for that?  If so, can you recommend anyone?

I’ve never paid for proof-reading as I’ve only ever been published through a full service publisher. I might be looking myself sometime soon as I have an idea for a series I’d like to self publish, so recommendations would be appreciated.  (Hmm.  I’ll ask around and see if any of mine want to take on extra work. ~ Sam.)

 Do you have any fantasies you’d like to put into your books but can’t because people might think you’re too weird?

I grew up reading (devouring) those bodice rippers that used to come with the Fabio type models on the cover? I loved them, especially the ones with forced seductions that the heroine just happens to succumb to willingly eventually, and I’d love to try and write one but I would hate to offend any readers, so I’ve shied away so far.

9 We all joke about it, even though we could probably get in serious trouble if a real person thought we were basing a character on them, but have you ever given a character in your work traits from someone you know in real life?

Oh yes! The first novel I ever had published had a weak, spineless, wanker of an ex-boyfriend in it. 

10 Don’t name the real-life person, but which character, in which book are you referring to?

Simon from For One Night Only (published under my other author name of Luxie Ryder) 

11 There’s all kinds of advice out there from various “experts.”  I ignore most of it.  Sometimes though, something rings true.  What’s been the most valuable piece of advice on writing you’ve ever received?

“Write. Start writing today. Start writing right now. Don’t write it right, just write it –and then make it right later. Give yourself the mental freedom to enjoy the process, because the process of writing is a long one. Be wary of “writing rules” and advice. Do it your way.” ―  Tara Moss *

(* Note.  I contacted Ms Moss’ representative at Harper Collins in Australia to verify this quote, but as yet I’ve not had a response.  My old journo training’s kicked in, so it’s “publish and be damned!”  If the above quote turns out to be incorrect, or Ms Moss and or her publishers, legal representatives etc have any objection, apologies in advance, and I’ll take it down forthwith.  ~ Sam.)

Okay here are a few hot-topic lit questions…

12 Writers reviewing writers – where do you stand?

I think it’s okay. Once you accept that opinions are personal, then it is impossible to take it personally if someone doesn’t like your work. The flipside of that is, you can’t take it personally if someone really likes your work either. A gushingly good review is no more valid than a mean-spirited one. 

13 Lots of writers claim the use of various intoxicants frees up their creative process, just as many others claim medication for psychological disorders hampers their ability to create.  Have you had any experience with either?  If so, can you describe it?

I really should just take my coffee via an intravenous drip as it will save me from endless trips to the kitchen, but I don’t use anything else. Except chewing gum, perhaps. I get through a pack of that a day. 

Let’s get back to some other random pieces and bits.  Some of these might sound weird or embarrassing, but trust me, this is the fun part!

14 When I rule the world, the first thing I’m going to ban is the wearing of pants down past underwear.  What would be your first decree?

I would force Governments to add one unit of their currency (a penny/cent/euro) to the basic income tax rate and make them give the money to the world’s poorest people in ongoing instalments as a regular and reliable source of income that will lift them out of poverty. 

15 Food off the floor.  10 Second rule, or straight into the bin?

In the bin. I’ve got a dog. God only knows where his paws have been! 

16 Scrunch or fold?

Fold! Are you insane?! Who would scrunch anything?? (You know I was talking about toilet paper, right? ~ Sam.) 

17 The rest of the family thinks you’re mad, but you swear this works.  What is it?

Saluting a magpie when you see one and saying “Good Morning/Afternoon,  Mr Magpie!” It’s bad luck not to do it. I don’t actually believe in it but I love doing it. 

18 We’ve all got funny little habits which we deem harmless but annoy the living daylights out of our significant others.  For example, I collect those little soaps from hotel rooms.  It drives Superwife up the wall.  What’s your most annoying habit?

Singing aloud to the songs they play over the loud speakers in shops, restaurants, etc. If I like a song, then I’m damn well singing along to it. I’ve got a voice that sounds like a goose farting in the fog, but that’s everyone else’s problem, not mine.

19 When I was at Primary School, I had a big book of facts which I loved.  Some of my less-bookish classmates thought I was a dork (they were probably right) for reading it, and took to calling me “Professor.”  Lucky for me that moniker didn’t follow me when I changed schools.  Did you have any cringe-worthy nicknames at school?

I am mixed race and got racially abused at school so I can’t tell you the worst ones, but the funnier/nicer ones were Big Bird, because I’m pretty tall, and Rizzo, because I had dark, wavy hair like the character from Grease.

20 Should vampires be allowed to sparkle?

Only if they’re FABULOUS! (That’s probably the best answer I’ve had yet to that question! ~ Sam.)

See?  That wasn’t so bad now, was it?  Keep that dry for a few hours and call me in the morning.  Now, before you go, where can we find you and your books?

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There you have it, folks!  Teri Fowler in a nutshell.  If you’d like to step up and answer 20 Questions, some will be the same, some will be different (I like to mix things up from time to time), just let me know!