Five Stars To The Sisters By Kate Forster

Before I start, I should say The Sisters is not my favourite genre. I’m pretty much a fan of Sci-fi, Fantasy, Crime, and Horror, in that order. Chick Lit and Romance usually have about as much interest for me as reality tv, which I hate.

That said, I loved The Sisters. Perhaps because I read so little of this type of book, (and everyone knows there’s a lot out there,) I found it a great read.

Kate Forster knows her stuff when it comes to the rich fantasy worlds of the siblings. She also nailed dysfunctional families. The protagonists were fun and different and flawed in their own ways. The antagonists were slimy enough to make you want to hurl rotten fruit at them.

All in all, The Sisters is a great escapist romp.


Like most genre novels, in this case escapist chick lit, The Sisters has the usual bunch of a few twists and turns. The sex was realistic, and Forster’s dialogue flowed perfectly.

The supporting cast each played their roles beautifully except one – a knight in shining armour kind, who I found a little predictable. I’m sure readers who enjoy… Okay, I’ll just come right out and say it – trashy sexy romance – would love him.

In fact, I had as much fun watching how Forster wrote for her readers as much the story itself. By about 85% in, I had a hunch about the ending, but I was enjoying myself so much, I kept on reading till the big happy ending.

Will I read more of Kate Forster’s work? You betcha. Looking forward to it.