Three Star Reviews Are Bunkum

by sjbgilmour

C’mon people.  Either you like a book or you don’t.  A three star review is the lit evuivalent of meh.  Let’s be honest.  If the book is meh, you’re not going to keep reading.  If you can’t finish it, it’s not a three-star; it’s a one or two at best.

Case in point – Now I know lots of people love it, but I can’t stomach Moby Dick.  I’ve tried.  I’ve given that damned thing multiple, I mean a good six or seven tries over the years, and I’ve never made it past the first ten or fifteen pages.  It’s boring!  I can’t keep reading it.  It’s MEH, and that’s why it gets a single star from me.

I confess I’ve rated books three stars, in the past, but really, I just can’t be stuffed any more.  It’s one, two, four or five.