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Month: July, 2018

Birthday Resolutions

You know what?  Screw New Year’s Resolutions.  It’s my birthday tomorrow, and I’ve had seven months to think about what I really should be doing, you know, resolution-wise.  So, I’m making my Birthday Resolutions.  Come July 30, 2019, apart from still being alive and not in prison, and in no particular order, I hope to have:

  • Read 52 books,
  • Lost weight,
  • Written and pubbed at least one more book,
  • (censored),
  • Blogged more frequently,

There are a few other things I’d like to do, family-wise, but I’ll not list them here…


My Shrinking World Is Awesome

Social Media.

Say what you like about Facebook etc, but for me, as an indie writer, it’s a goldmine.  Sure, I can waste an awful lot of time on it, but it’s also a wonderful resourse.  I’ve found beta-readers, cover artists, and just this morning, a new editor for my latest book, Troopers.

Rock On!