You Must WIP It

by sjbgilmour

WIPs.  Works In Progress.  Yes, I’m talking about plural here.  I have 3.  Frustrating.

One is the last short for my Pack Coppernick series, after which, I’m putting it to rest.  I know I said there’d be more, but to be honest, I’ve just run out of steam with the whole thing.

Two is a new adult futuristic Sci-Fi trilogy, and absolutely no spin-offs for this one.

The third is one that hit me on the weekend, and it’s kinda taken hold in my brain.  It’s set in the current day, and is another YA set.  What I hope makes this different, and I hope appealing to readers, is there’s not a single character in it – well none who survive, that is – who has any redeeming qualities at all.  I know that every time I watch a movie or read a book, somehow, I always find myself either sympathising with, or downright supporting the antagonist.  And, I reckon I’m not alone.

I read the first chapter to Miss11 yesterday and she loved it.  This is a girl who loves the good guys in most of the books she reads etc, but deep down, thinks Harley Quinn is the BEST CHARACTER EVER.  You know what? I think she’s probably right.