I Think I Might Be Onto Something…

by sjbgilmour

Free classifieds like Gumtree and Facebook marketplace have helped me discover a whole new world.  Now, I’m not exactly dumpster diving, but I do collect plastic bottles from public bins, and also soil when it’s being dug up by local council workers when they’re doing various “improvements” to bike paths and footpaths (that’s sidewalks, to you non-aussies,).  Add that to the used coffee grounds I get from a local cafe, and I’ve got my pots and compost sorted.  Also I collect discarded forklift pallets to make planters; I sold three just yesterday.  All I really need to buy are seeds, nails, screws, and the occasional roll of builders’ film for lining the planters.

I doubt I’m making a fortune, but I’m certainly getting material for a how-to book (Shudder!  It’ll be non-fiction!),  and I’m scraping up enough to cover some, if not most, of the weekly groceries.  And, business is growing!  I’m having to amp up my production of herbs, and the pallet planters.

Not a bad little sideline, wot?