Well That Sucked…

by sjbgilmour

I’ll keep this brief, guys.  2016 sucked.  2017 hasn’t got off to a good start either.  I made a right mess of things last year, and continued to do so until yesterday.  No, I’m not going into my various screw-ups.  Those they affected know what they were.  I hope they know I’m sorry, and I am trying to not be such a f#$%-up.

Still, even though it’s probably a bit late for New Years’ Resolutions, I have a few:

  • Live more frugally.  In the last week, quite a bit of plastic from my wallet has bitten the dust.
  • Spend more time with the kids.  They’re growing up so fast.  For someone who gets blues as I do, and they’re a reliable mood-booster, I need ’em now more than ever.  And, even though he’s a complete goose, they need their dad.
  • Write more.  It’s bloody hard with the amount of pharmaceuticals in my veins, but I’ve gotta do it.
  • Read more.
  • Do more wth my little gardening project.  You might have seen my ads on Gumtree.  If not, head on over.  I kid you not, my prices will beat Bunnings every time!

Anyway.  To sum up, the real goal for this year is for it to be better than last year.