Is It Just Me… …And Stay Safe Out There.

by sjbgilmour

Is it just me or is there something sadly ironic about Nativity Scenes which represent a refugee Middle Eastern family being taken in, when that same Nativity Scene is in a country that is turning Middle Eastern refugees away from its borders?

I’m not pro any religion at all. If anything I’m more a Jedi or a Pastafarian.


 However, I just think wouldn’t it really be the Christian, or any truly caring religion’s (after all, radical zealouts aside, don’t most religions  preach a lot about peace and caring?), thing to do to, to take these people in, instead of locking them up?  I think it’s pretty clear that the loony terrorists are funded well enough that they don’t have to risk long boat trips only to be detained with nothing but the shirts on their backs.

Anyway, I’m off my soap box now.  I’d also just like to wish good tidings to everyone.  Please, please, please stay safe over the silly season.  One branch of House Gilmour’s extended family has already been struck by tradgedy this year and if I were a prayerful man, I’d be praying for them and everyone else right now.

So, for this holiday season, and for the new year to follow, May The Force be with you all.