Me And My Tomato Seedlings Of Mystery!

by sjbgilmour

Yes folks, aside from being a self-pubbed scribbler, I’ve also joined the ranks of Gumtree users.

I’ve got a bit of a green thumb (well, it’s also bruised because of my bad aim with a hammer, bu that’s another story,)  and have quite a collection of cheap herbs and Tomato Seedlings Of Mystery.*  To house them, I’ve also been knocking together some wall planters out of used forklift pallets.



During the week, the planter is $45, and the pots in them – Oregano, Mint, and Tomato Seedlings Of Mystery* are $0.75, or $60 for 10 or more.  On the weekend, I’m running a super special: The planter is still $45, but you can stock it with whatever plants I have that will fit, all of your choice, completely FREE!  Pretty soon, I’ll have Sage, Thyme, Basil and Parsley to add to the list of herbs.

* What are these Tomato Seedlings Of Mystery???  They’ve popped up out of our compost, and around the garden where we’ve had various cherry-type tomatoes growing.  Seriously, it’s like the great Greek Goddess Demeter has blessed the loam therein.  Wherever I spread its wormy nutricious plant food, I get them urupting out of the soil.  I have no real idea what they’ll be; it’s pot luck!

Anyway.  Enough of my babble.  Here’s the link.