On Coffee, Jedi Mind Tricks, And Other Random Pieces And Bits.

by sjbgilmour

I rocked up to work this morning ready for my morning  shot of espresso.  Aaaagh!  No pods!  So, in a desperate search for caffiene, I found a jar of Moccona Gold tucked away in the kitchen. It used to be the best we could get. Now I’m hooked on espresso pod coffee, it’s bilgewater, but it does have caffeine… Thankfully my brother’s search and rescue mission to Aldi has solved the pending crisis at the day job.

In the short time it took me to make a cup, a thought occurred to me.  I could have tried the deep breathing and other mindfullness Jedi mind tricks they teach you at rehab to deal with cravings, but nup, it didn’t even enter my head.  What I should have done was ride the wave of the craving and waited it out.  I think I’ll have to try harder.  That means bringing out the big guns — Sticky notes.

The real problem is, I don’t want to quit coffee.  I like it.  I’ve been hooked on it since my late teens, and it’s come in pretty handy at times, let me tell you.  But if I can quit smoking, booze and other vices, I’m sure I can quit that beautiful brown stuff.  Do I go for decaf?  Hmm.  I think that’s just a placebo.  It’s funny, after nearly 30 years, I still don’t really like the taste of coffee.  I love the smell, but without caffeine in it, it’s just useless brown water that smells nice.  Herbal tea smells nice too.  I might just have to drink more of that instead.