Cooking With Miss9

by sjbgilmour

Saturday night was home-made pasta night.  Superwife and I love it, as do The Wonderkids.  This time, it was ravioli with chevre* (how do you pronounce that???) cheese filling.  Miss9 helped from start to finish.  I rolled out the pasta sheets through our hand-cranked pasta maker, then lay them on a board.  She put little globs of filling on them, wet around them, then folded over the sheets.  After that, she cut around the edges with a plastic play-dough cutter (Don’t laugh!  It beats the piece of crap one that came with the machine hands down!), and lay them on wire racks.

Next, she got to help me put them into the boiling water, and make the sauce.  It was a simple napoli sauce – just garlic, tomato puree, dried oregano, and fresh basil.  I showed her how to use the big kitchen knife to chop garlic without slicing her fingers open, and she got it straightaway.

While we were doing this, we got to talking.  The look on her face was amazing when I explained what we were doing was just one of the multitudes of variations of pasta.  I think next week she wants to make gnocchi with sweet potato and more chevre.  Yum!

* Both girls have an intolerance to bovine milk products, so sheep or goats milk cheese is best for them.