Oooh… My Head.

by sjbgilmour

This weekend confirmed something I’ve feared for a while now.  I’m old.  Well, I guess 45 isn’t so old that I’m about to croak any minute, but it’s old enough for me to say “I’m never staying up that late again,” and actually mean it.

Friday night, Superwife and I went to a parents’ do at a local tapas bar.  Alcohol was involved, but only 3 drinks each.  We got home about 11.00 pm.

Saturday night was Eurovision night with some dear friends.  More rich food, more wine, and another late night.  At one point I felt ill – almost to the point that I wanted to hurl.  I hadn’t drunk that much, but combined with the food and the state my body had been in from the night  before, well it wasn’t nice.  Sunday was one long headache.  We watched a bit of tv then went to bed early.

Today, I’m actually glad it’s Monday.  I’ve got some home-made bread and minestrone for lunch, and I’m looking forward to a dinner which should be just as healthy.