The Slop – The Boss Hog Burger from Hog’s Breath. 6 / 10

by sjbgilmour

Every now and then I spoil myself by getting a hamburger.  My waistline doesn’t like it.  My doctor really doesn’t like it, but I do like it, so there.  Last night I had the honour of taking my two kids to the local Hog’s Breath steakhouse.  Hey, Superwife was away, and at least one kid ate free  (kids eat free on Tuesdays – one kid per adult.)

This is what I got.


It’s the Boss Hog burger.  Double meat patty, cheese, sauce, some green stuff, beetroot, and onions, all served with curly fries.


  • It won points for sheer size.  That it needed scaffolding in the form of a steak knife to stop it toppling over was a good sign.  I had to turn it upside down at one point, and that’s always a pretty good thing too.
  • I needed extra napkins, but more because it was greasy than sloppy.  Didn’t get much dribbling onto the plate.
  • It was filling, and satisfying enough that I didn’t need dessert.


  • The meat to bun ratio was all out of whack.  The patties were not as wide as the bun.  A good burger gets the patty as wide, or even better, wider, than the bun.
  • The patty also lacked seasoning.  Sure there was some sauce in there, but a little salt and pepper goes a long way.  The cheese was also very mild, and could have improved the burger incredibly if it had been tasty rather than generic cheddar one step away from plastic.
  • Extras like bacon or egg were available, but for the money, should have been included in the first place.
  • The bun itself was a little on the sweet & soft side.  It went all mushy while I ate.  A bun with a crisper crust would have improved it no end.
  • PICKLES!  C’mon, even that scourge upon the Earth, McDonalds knows to put pickles in their “burgers”.

So, all up, it gets 6 points out of 10.  I’ll probably post another burger review some time soon, or at least when I can fit into my pants again…