I Know! I’ll Write The Most Objectionable Crap I Can, Offend Everyone, And Make A Fortune.

Duck!  Rant coming!

I’ve never met Professor Adam Swift.  Quite frankly, I hope I never do.  Even listening to him for 4:01 minutes makes me want to gouge out my ears with a spork.  If the anti-vaccers aren’t bad enough, along comes this guy, justifying his nonsense with the old “Oh it’s nothing new.  Even Plato was saying it!” rubbish.

Plato was wrong.  Getting rid of the family dynamic, even modern variations, and having all children raised by the state, is the worst possible idea I can think of.  That said, it could make classic dystopia (remember Logan’s Run, anyone?) so much more attainable than we thought.

Professor Swift claims parents who read to their kids are giving them an unfair advantage that is greater than the difference between sending kids to a private school instead of a public school.

We send The Wonderkids to a private school.  Why?  Because, well, duh!  We want our kids to have an advantage.  We want them to have the best possible education so they have more options available to them once they finish school.  We want them to be able to go on to University if they want to.

We wanted all this before Professor Swift came along…  Okay, Plato did come a long first, and maybe I could have read his stuff, but somehow, he’s never made it to my nightstand.

Her “What’s that book you’re reading, babe?”

Him “Oh, just a bit of light reading before bed.”

Her “Plato!?!”  (cue heavy breathing)  “Oooh, honey,, you are sooo deep!”

Gags all round.

Whenever possible, Superwife and I have always read to The Wonderkids.  We knew it was good for them, but we also treasure time we spend doing it.  Now, thanks to Professor Swift, I’m going to do more of it, for longer.

You may have noticed this post is relatively short on link links.  Just hold your horses, will you?  I’m getting to that, and the reason for my rather long-winded post title. He’s released a book in which he expounds this grand plan among other offensive rot.  To top it all off, it’s priced at $28 and change.  I’m not going to buy it, and I’m sure as hell not going to read it unless someone hands me a copy they’re pinched borrowed.  But some people will pay for it.  Probably enough people will be so offended by his opening teasers that they’ll happily fork over the moolah to be further offended, not really realising they’re playing right into Swift’s hands.

Don’t buy his bullshit theory, and whatever you do, don’t buy his book.