Miss Minty Update – (Herpetophobes Look Away Now!)

by sjbgilmour

Some of you may remember we added a new member to the House Gilmour family recently.  Her name is Minty, the Stimson’s Python.  She went back to her previous owners for a little holiday while I was overseas for the day-job and Superwife and The Wonderkids were interstate.  It was just as well, because the dear little thing (she’s only about 40 cm long) wasn’t eating.

Just a note to all those who aren’t too keen on snakes or may fear we’ve unleashed a terrible monster who will one day swallow my children whole, fear not.  She’s about half-grown, and by the time she is fully grown, Miss8 (who by then will be Miss9 or 10, and is already waaay too big fo Minty to swallow), she’ll only reach about 85 – 95 cm.  Here she is in the loving hands of Miss8.


Well, this Saturday just gone, she came home.  We let her rest up in her enclosure for a few days, and last night we tried feeding her.  Wow!  That little lady has a fast strike.  I just waved the little fuzzy mouse – freshly defrosted, warmed in water, and patted dry – for a few seconds, and snap!  She grabbed it, curled up about it, and then proceeded to swallow it.

Miss4 and Miss8, whose room she shares with Minty, were both ecstatic. I was pretty relieved too.  And, now we know she’s happy to feed from us, the next time, probably Monday or Tuesday next week, I’ll film the whole thing and post it for you all.