Resolutions For 2015 – My Top Ten

by sjbgilmour

Here they are, folks.  My Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions, and by “My” I mean mine, not anyone else’s.  There are lots and lots of things I want to do, and not do, in 2015, but these are the ten most important to me.  Got it?  Right.  Here goes.

  1. Spend more quality time with Superwife and The Wonderkids.
  2. Spend more time in the garden.
  3. Spend less unproductive time behind a computer screen.  That includes paying less attention to all those knowitall top ten lists of this and that.  Yes, I’m aware of the irony here.  There’s no need to point it out.
  4. Read more.
  5. Write more productively.  I’ve just got to scrap some of the projects that aren’t working out, and concentrate on ones that are.
  6. Blog, and review more.
  7. Exercise more.
  8. Get to know my neighbours.  We just moved from our old House Gilmour of some eleven years, and only really knew the folk on either side of the fence.  The new House Gilmour isn’t far from the old one, actually, but we have a complete new set of neighbours and it’d be a shame for me to drive past them every day, just waving at so and so instead of Frank* or Julie*. (*Yes, I made those names up.  For all I know, some of my new neighbours may indeed be called Frank or Julie, but I won’t know that until I’ve managed to get to know them better, which is the whole point of this.)
  9. Start baking my own bread.  From scratch.  We’ve got a lovely new kitchen, with a great big bench and shiny new ovens.  I should use them.  Besides, during school time, my little family can go through up to five loaves of bread a week.  That can be pricey if you’re buying the nice light rye the way we do instead of that white fluffy cake the supermarkets try to pass off as “bread.”
  10. Get better at marketing myself.  If I’m to make a real go of this indy writing thing, then I should pull my finger out and try to make myself standout in the crowd.

There you go.  Now I’m going to be knocking off from work soon to go and spend NYE with the family.  It should be fun.  I gather we can see fireworks from the park up the street.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year, full of promise, happiness and success.  There may be rough times ahead; you might even be going through them now.  If so I hope things pick up soon, or whatever trials do befall you don’t hang around long.

Take care out there, and may 215 be the best year of your lives so far.