Meet My Character Blog Hop And A Giveaway!

by sjbgilmour

The absolutely wonderful and talented YA writer Nansi Kunze tagged me in the Meet My Character Blog Hop.  This was an honour I wasn’t expecting, let me tell you.  If you haven’t read her stuff, you should, and not just because her stories are ripping yarns.  They’re also perfect examples of YA writing done right.

Now it’s my turn to answer the questions, after which, I’m tagging another writer, who, if you’ve not heard of either, give yourself a good talking to because she’s awesome.  Her name’s Catrina Taylor, and if you’re into space opera, you need to read her Xarrok, (Birth of an Empire) series.

Now, on to the questions in which I spruik my book:


Meet My Character

1, What is the name of your character?

Sarah Coppernick

2, Is she fictional or a historic person?

Oh, she’s fictional alright, but her great great great great (I think there are about seventeen “greats” in there), grandfather wasn’t.  He was the Polish astronomer, Nicolaus Copernicus, who proved Earth revolved around the sun rather than the other way around.  Not everyone believed him of course, but then stupidity’s nothing new.  I mean these were the kind of people who were afraid to walk too far in a straight line in case they fell off the edge of the world.  The fact that nobody had actually seen the edge of the world and decided not to fall off it in favour of turning back and warning others, or maybe put up a sign saying “Warning! The End Of The World Is Just Over There!” had nothing to do with it.  They believed it, and that was that.  There’s just no reasoning with some people.

Oh, and by the way, Copernicus was known all over Europe, so you should know I’m not pointing out flaws in Polish people in particular.  My wife and in-laws are Polish, and lovely, generous, intelligent folk they are too.  Top-notch.  My wife’s taste in men might be questionable, but then we can’t all be perfect.

 3, When and where is the story set?

When?  It’s set in present day, but I’ve been awfully clever and not given any specific dates other than historical ones.

Where?  Okay, strap yourselves in, folks.  It’s set on Earth mostly, but there are a few other places as well.  There’s Wolfenvald, the home planet of werewolves, Gnumphlatia, (Try saying that three times quickly!), the home planet of gnomes, and then there’s a rather spooky place out in the middle of the void between planes, called Neroland.

4, What should we know about him/her?

Sarah’s eleven, with shaggy blonde hair, and eyes so light brown they’re almost golden.  To top it all off, just as all those annoying and quite frankly a little gross, things begin to happen to girls around her age, she discovers she’s a werewolf.  This wouldn’t be so terrible if she didn’t have such a bad temper, which as you can guess, is the last thing you want in a schoolyard full of mortal kids.  It doesn’t take long before her guardians, Uncle Robert and Aunt Roberta have to do something, which naturally sees her begin the adventure of a lifetime.

5, What is the personal goal of the character?

Well, I kinda gave a bit away in the above answer, but Sarah’s an orphan, raised by her aunt and uncle, (who are also werewolves), but what she really wants to do is find and rescue her parents.  Along the way, she also finds herself at odds with the The Sorcerers’ Guild which is meant to keep tabs on all enchanted activities on Earth, as well as keeping the planet safe from anyone nasty, but is really being run by exactly the sort The Guild was set up to fight.

Of course she can’t do all that just by herself, and as luck would have it, she picks up a rather oddly assorted bunch of enchanted characters along the way to help her.  Some of them aren’t exactly the kind of people who should really be responsible for the well-being of eleven year-old girls, but for various reasons, they’re all willing to risk life and limb to help her.

6, Is there a working title for this novel, and can we read more about it?

The title is Golden Mane, Book One of The Adventures of Sarah Coppernick, and you can find it at your local Amazon Kindle store  The US one is here, but there are a lot of other ones too.   I mean, just look at this list!  The next little robot we send to Mars will probably set up a site there too, though between you and me, I doubt the rocks on the red planet are the reading type.  They’re probably quite happy just sitting there, either freezing or baking and wondering big questions like “Where did our atmosphere go?” and “Where do these damned robots keep coming from?”













ALSO!  As an extra Christmas gift to everyone, extra shameless piece of self promotion, (hang on, did I strikethrough the right bit of text there?), I’ve scheduled a Christmas Freebie.  From midnight Christmas Eve, PST (GMT – 8.00), Golden Mane will be FREE! By my calculations, that should be right about NOW, so get a wriggle on and pick up my book while it won’t cost you a cent!

7, When can we expect the book to be published or when was it published?

I first published it in 2011, but since then I’ve released two sequels: Renegades of Wolfenvald, Book Two of The Adventures of Sarah Coppernick, and Armies of Nine, Book Three of The Adventures of Sarah Coppernick, as well as several Pack Coppernick tales, which are all short background stories about Sarah’s amazing, and at times rather badly-behaved, friends.



Hmm, “Badly-behaved” might not be doing them justice.  One’s Angela, a blood-thirsty Amazon warrioress and necromancer.  There’s Sarah’s Uncle Benjamin, an immortal werewolf spellweaver with suicidal tendencies.  There’s Ronny, a shifty little gnome with lots of dodgy connections, and James, a sorcerer specialising in enchanted botany who also runs a lucrative but very illegal spice business.  There’s also Sarah’s best friend, Mel, who’s very nearly as bad as the rest of them combined – certainly not the sort to trust around sharp objects or anything remotely flammable.  All in all, it’s a pretty fun collection of characters and certainly worth your time reading Golden Mane to get to know them.

Now when you’ve read my book and are looking for something else, check out Catrina Taylor.  Your To Be Read pile is growing, I can sense it!