My Two Cents

by sjbgilmour

Something terrible happened yesterday.  It wasn’t the only terrible thing that happened.  A quick look at global news site like Reuters and Al Jazeera will tell you all about any number of worse things.  But, this happened in our backyard.  Sydney might be looked down upon by Victorians, viewed with suspicion by South Australians, and pitied by Queenslanders and West Australians alike, but we’re all still quite proud of it, so when what happened yesterday occurred, we all felt it.

And now while the crisis itself is over, the aftermath begins.  Fingers are going to be pointed.  Questions are going to be asked.  Social media has gone bananas with pro and anti hashtags.  It’s not for me to judge, but I hope that one day, the cracks like those through which a madman slipped, won’t be quite so wide.  I hope that one day fanaticism, regardless of the religion involved, will be deemed a mental illness, and those suffering from it are treated.  I hope that our legal system will be able to keep dangerous individuals — like those with a history of sex and violent offenses — behind bars instead of letting them run about on bail.

Most of all, I just hope this kind of thing stops.