I’ll Kill You For Reviews!!!

Killer Review Competition!!!

Guardians of The One

Robert and Roberta final (2)

Guardians of The One needs reviews, and I’ll will kill you to get them! That’s right – the first ten reviewers will get their names in another forthcoming Pack Coppernick Tale, and all but one will die a horrible death! One very special character, will not die, but become the subject of fascination and jealousy from man and gods alike!

How? Simple. Email your review to samgilmourmedia@gilmours.com.au 24 hrs before you post it in Amazon. That way I can confirm just who left the review, and it will also give me a chance to make sure I get your name details right. That’s it. Be named, and probably killed off, in my next story! How cool would that be???

To make it even easier, from Monday, June 30 till Wednesday, July 2, Guardians of The One will be FREE!!!

If you’ve already bought a copy, thanks!  Be sure to let me know, and I’ll guarantee your character’s death will be particularly gruesome!