A Brilliant Series!!! 5 Stars to John Connolly’s “The Creeps”

by sjbgilmour

The Creeps – 5 Stars.



This, boys and girls, is how Young Adult (YA) writing should be done.  Connolly has already earned his stripes as a true master of macabre and creepy Adult and Paranormal genres.  When he turned his hand to the something lighter (The Gates, Hell’s Bells), he produced a quality of work to which all others in the genre should aspire.  His style is fun, easy to read, and best of all, he makes his characters all so delightfully and humbly flawed, one cannot but root for them all, even the antagonists.  Anyone who loved Harry Potter should give this a go.  Trust me, you’ll enjoy it every bit as much, probably more.  The Creeps is a wonderful conclusion to what really has to be the standout series in a decade.  I’ll be re-reading it again and again, and, I’ll wager, so will you.