Hey Huff Post! Here’s A List Of Lists I Actually Want To See.

by sjbgilmour

I have a love-hate relationship with Huffington Post.  I love that it’s informative, but hate that it’s often as bad as trashy tabloids in its sensationalist way of covering things.  Really.  A celebrity wearing a sheer dress is hardly news, and the fact that she (or he) is wearing a dress, no matter how sheer or see-through, means it’s impossible for them to be “nude.”

I love the in-depth focus on subjects that interest me.  I check out the Books, Crime, Tech, and Weird News sections daily.  Kudos, guys.  Always something interesting there, especially author interviews, and industry analyses and statistics.  I hate the ridiculous amount of ridiculous (yes, I used that word twice in one sentence.  Reckon there’s a reason for it?) little lists that tell me what I’m doing wrong, what I should be eating, what I should be reading, why I’m this or that, et cetera, et cetera.  Jesus, you might as well put together a list titled “You are feeling too happy about yourself, buster.  Read this to take yourself down a peg or two.”

Well I’ve got a little list of my own, and it’s of lists I’d like to see that Huff Post doesn’t put up, or hasn’t yet to my knowledge.  And, they’re more likely to entertain and or inform me rather than just frustrate me or deflate my precious ego, or stress me out that I’m about to die of some weird cancer I never knew existed.  It’s a short list too, so don’t sweat.

  1. Books:  Just give me a list of top sellers.  I don’t care how you sort them.  You’re big boys and girls.  You’ll figure it out.  I know various other newspapers and news services can do it.  Surely you can too.
  2. Books:  This might be in the “Too Hard Basket,” – God knows, I’m waaaay to lazy to do it myself, and for some reason, Amazon deems itself too important to offer such a plebeian service – but I’d love to see a weekly list of new releases.
  3. Crime/Tech:  Scams are everywhere.  How about a list of scams, phishing emails, viruses etc that are doing the rounds?  Even better, a list of fixes or links to virus scanners that can help out those affected.
  4. Crime:  How about some stats on crime as it relates to current hot-topic issues?  Take legalized dope for example.  Any stats on what’s happening to the crime rate in Colorado and or Washington?
  5. Weird News.  Now I know weird stuff happens at random.  That’s part of what makes it weird.  But, sometimes it doesn’t seem like it’s news, possibly because it seems to keep on happening.  How about lists of dumb crooks / weird deaths / strange marketing strategies and so on?

There.  That’s my two cents.  I still love Huff Post and will keep on clicking on it.  Sometimes, I’ll even click on those lists.  If they’re not likely to make me want to play in traffic, that is.


PS:  If you’d like guys, I could always try my hand at doing a list or two like that for you, but I want a bowl of green M&M’s and a case of Perrier.