Police State – Disgusted Beyond Measure.

by sjbgilmour

I…  I’m struggling for words right now.  Over dinner last night, Miss7 asked what was wrong with North Korea, and I tried to explain in the simplest terms that wouldn’t frighten her or Miss3, that sometimes, when governments or leaders have too much power, they don’t really help the people they’re supposed to be looking after.  We also had a chat about how challenging authority was good, and burning records and books was bad – Footloose was playing on Spotify, and Superwife and I were remembering the film with much fondness.  Then the conversation moved on to more pleasant things like the bug Miss7 found outside, and just how eager our whippet Devo would be to get his paws on our leftover sausages from that night’s dinner.

Then I logged onto my various social media and news feeds this morning and found this.  It seems protesting is now illegal in the state of Victoria.  I am disgusted beyond measure.