Resolutions = Mr Lonely-heart TV.

by sjbgilmour

There are things I want to do.  There are things I ought to do.  There are also things I just gotta do.   For various reasons, all of which make this little “to do” list vital, 2014 should see some changes in my life.  Some will be subtle.  Others (hopefully) more monumental.  So, without further ado, here they are.

  • Write, read and blog more.

I really need to do this.  My “ideas” folder is growing faster than the ideas themselves can continue to make sense in my brain.  I need to maintain and continue to grow my little platform if ever I’m to make any serious moolah with this writing gig.  This of course requires actual, you know , writing.

Sorry, Mr TV.  I think I’ll be seeing less of you if I’m to accomplish this.

  • Spend more alone-time with Superwife.

We aint getting any younger.  It’s tough with kids, especially when one of them’s such a bad sleeper that we’re alternating nights on the trundle bed in her room.  But hey, we’ve got opposable thumbs; we can figure this out.

Mr. TV, you’re missing out again, mate.

  • Amp up the fitness regime.

I’m already riding and walking heaps, as well as keeping my diet on a short leash.  I must do more.  I need to resume the running, aerobic & weight training side now that I’m finally (relatively) injury free.  I’ve also got to get Miss7 riding her bike.  That’s going to mean I’ll have a fair bit of rather awkward at-an-angle jogging coming up.

Mr. TV, you just can’t catch a break, can you???

  • Go paperless at work – well, as much as possible.  A lot of line sheets and catalogues etc still have to be stored in proper binders.

My filing system is a joke.  Seriously.  My colleagues really do laugh about the piles of disorganised crap on my desk.  We’ve got a bigass Canon printer that will do just about everything but give me a grease-down and a shiatsu.  Letters, bills, statements — all that stuff will have to start being scanned and saved as pdf files.

  • This might sound dorky, but we need to watch our shopper dockets etc for things like “Kids Eat Free” and “Buy One Meal, Get One Free.”

It’s great for the kids to get out occasionally, and also good for us, well maybe not our waistlines, but certainly our headspaces.

Mr. TV, I think you’re going to get quite bored in House Gilmour this year.