Safer Thank Peanuts? BULLSHIT!

by sjbgilmour

The memes are flying thick and fast at the moment.  Aside from the usual crap, there’s also Christmas crap.  I can live with that.  But there have also been a lot of pro-marijuana little post-its lately.

Now, I’m not anti-dope.  Let me just say that.  I’m pro.  Legalise it by all means.

But, BUT, don’t do it blindly.  Don’t go believing it’s safe.  The one meme that’s really blowing my skirt up right now is the one that claims there are have been no weed-related deaths.  I call BULLSHIT!

I know from personal experience just how much grass can mess with your head if you’re already prone or vulnerable to depression.  Now before I go on, I’ll just fill you in on the deets.  About four years ago, I got real low.  Sure, I was drinking a lot and I was taking the wrong meds, which weren’t working properly anyway.  My shrinks and many other people want to blame the booze or the medications, but the truth is, neither of those things were the real cause for my problems.  They didn’t help, and might have made them worse, but they weren’t the cause.  The cause came many years before that.

In my mid 20’s, I smoked a fair bit of ganga.  It was fun at first.  I got the giggles a lot.  I watched a lot of Star Trek and ate copious amounts of junk food.  I also went from being moody occasionally, with the odd spell of (I know now) mild highs and lows, to very paranoid and full-tilt bi-polar.

It took a few years, but I was eventually diagnosed (I’ve had about four since – all different and with different meds prescribed accordingly), and I’m now on a good course of magic pills, and managing everything just fine.

So, back to January 2010.  My headspace was seriously bad.  I wasn’t sleeping, and all I saw were shadows everywhere.  I came up with a plan.  It’s only by chance that I’m still alive now.

Now, I’m not drinking.  I’m not smoking anything.  I still have trouble sleeping and were it not for the meds, I’d be bouncing off the walls one minute, in hell the next.  I blame the hooch for tipping my mental condition from being mildly moody to bi-polar.

So, my question to all the rabid pro-dope guys who claim it’s safe is simple and in two parts:  How many other people have been messed up by dope use, and how many of them have committed suicide?  I’d wager it’s far more than those killed by peanuts.