A Tough Decision

by sjbgilmour

Now anyone who knows me, knows most of the time I prefer dogs to people.  Actually, I prefer most animals to people, but that’s another story.  This story is about one dog in particular.  Her name is Poppy.  We picked her up from a rescue shelter about a year ago.  She’s a ridgeback/mastiff/dane cross, and she’s big.  Very big.  She’s also quiet, friendly and funny. But, she’s strong and oddly resistant to just about all forms of training when it comes to pulling on the lead.  Well, a head-halter works, but getting that thing on her every time we want to go for a walk is a major battle.

She’s also destructive.  To date, she’s destroyed several dog beds, numerous toys and potted plants, the netting around the trampoline, a bike helmet and the attached GoPro camera housing.  She’s chewed the barbecue, the deck, the steps, the hand-rail around the deck, laundry door cupboards, two doggie doors (those things are supposed to be indestructible), an entire set of outdoor furniture, the side-wall of the kids’ sandpit, and she’s also destroyed one of those big exercise ball things.

We could live with all that.  It just adds to her special Poppy-ness.  But, she also jumps up on people, and no amount of training has been able to cure her of this.  We were almost able to cope with that too – until she jumped up on Miss7.  Now she wasn’t hurt, but she did get a fright.  After all, the dog outweighs her by about 25kg’s.  So now, we’re going to have to say goodbye to our beloved massive hound.  It’s sad, but also a relief.  I can’t take the risk of something worse happening to either my kids or indeed anyone else.  Hopefully her next family will be kid free and so she’ll not present a risk to anyone.