Sniff! A 1 – Star Review

by sjbgilmour

You know, I probably should be slightly bothered by this review, but funnily enough, I’m not.  Now I’m not going to spout all the old cliches about taking the good with the bad.  Most of the time, I do wring my hands and moan and carry on like a pathetic drama queen if I get a bad review.  But this time…  Nup.  Sorry.  What the reviewer’s really saying is that they didn’t like the premise, the setting, the genre, or the theme of the book, or in other words, it wasn’t their cup of tea.  We’ve all been there.  Actually, I kind of admire them for reading it all the way through – or at least taking the time to write a review in the first place.  Normally, I just delete it from my Kindle app and move on to the next book on my tbr pile.