Screw You, Mr Abbott.

by sjbgilmour

Screw you, Mr Abbott.

I can’t keep it in any more. This is STUPID and inhumane. We’re an island nation, dammit, and nearly all of us hail from other lands – either as first generation immigrants or as children or grandchildren of such folk.

It’s not like the people on the boats can just up and cross a border or hop on a plane. How else are they going to get here?

We shouldn’t stop the boats. We should fix and expand our immigration system so that it can cope with those seeking a better life here. We should welcome these people; I don’t care what religion they practice. We should put a bit more effort into expanding our international ambassadorial offices so that would-be refugees don’t have to pay snake-heads to get here in dodgy boats.

Screw you, Mr Abbott. Even though I can’t bring myself to vote Labor, I sure as hell won’t vote for you.