Camping Trip To Bunyip State Park – The Planning Stage

by sjbgilmour

I’ve got the gear.  Wet weather clothing, camp food, a stove, lanterns, tent, etc.  Come Friday midday, I should be biking, tent and all, to Nash Creek Campground in Bunyip State Park.  There are some pics of the place on Exploroz.

One of the things I’m really looking forward to, is getting out my old compass and a topographical map to find my way there.  Oh, I’ve used Google Earth to download a great map and route, which has given me a estimated travel time.  And, I’ve also got a bloody brilliant interactive map and the Avenza map reader for my phone, but I hope I won’t need any of that.

The weather forecast says it’s gonna be wet and cool.   4 – 14 C on Friday, and 2 – 13 on Saturday.  That’s only just above freezing, and if there’s wind, it’ll be “interesting”, but I’m really looking forward to it.  The wattles are starting to bloom, and lyrebirds are starting to get frisky.  I saw one a week or so back but didn’t get a good photo, but maybe this trip, I will.

However the trip goes, even if I don’t see a thing and spend all my time being wet and miserable (unlikely, ‘cos I don’t really mind the rain), next week you can expect pics and a report on how it went.