Writing And Self-Pubbing – Things I Love, Things I Hate

by sjbgilmour

I love writing.  Umm, let me re-phrase that.  I have to write or I’ll go fucking bananas and self-combust.  Sometimes I do it in dribs and drabs.  Other times, I can write for days without really noticing what’s going on around me.

I love self-pubbing.  It’s so fantastic to be able to be the complete master of my own domain.

I love watching my Amazon dashboard and seeing the sales tick along, just as I get that amazing rush when I see a new review.


I don’t like it when Amazon’s KDP platform is super slow to report sales that I know have taken place.

I really don’t like Amazon’s returns policy, especially when it’s abundantly clear there’s some pirating going on.

And, even though I do love being an indy, I can’t help but wish I had more promotional muscle and access to the kind of professional story and copy editing offered by a traditional publisher.  I’d be able to spend so much more time writing instead of all the non-writing stuff that goes with being an indy writer.

Of course, I doubt I’ll be joining the ranks of the trad-pubbed any time soon.  Not because I’m some fanatical pro-indy/anti-trad scribbler, determined to remain in the shadows than ever stoop to taking a single cent from one of the big six (five?).  Hell, if (insert trad house here) offered me a deal, I’d probably take it, just to let them do the work I don’t want to do.

I don’t have any real need for this mythical validation some writers seem to get only from having a house logo on the spine of their book.  I have a day-job, and if you know anything about family business, I’ve got a snowball’s chance in hell of ever leaving it.

I just want more time to write.