Make My Assistant Sing for The Elite by Coey Cain (Now Why Didn’t I Think Of That???)

by sjbgilmour

Guys, here’s a fun promotion!  We’ve all got a favourite song.  In fact, most of us probably have several.  At the moment, I’m kinda hooked on Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke, but one of my all-time fav’s is Rain by The Cult.  Anyway, here’s your chance to have a writer’s assistant – and I should point out that even though I have no idea what her singing voice is like, it’s lucky I’m not the one doing it; my voice that can tune hacksaws – sing, or at least try to sing your favourite song.

All you need is your Amazon purchase order # for The Elite: Unveiled by Coey Cain.

Step One: Buy a copy of The Elite: Unveiled by Coey Cain.


Step Two: On the pinned post, enter your purchase order # and the song and artist of your choice.

Step Three: Join Coey Here on Saturday, August 17th for all kinds of fun games and prizes.

The Winner will be chosen on and her assistant will sing your song of choice in English on Webcam.  She will dedicate it to you and she’ll post it on!

So, what are you waiting for???  Get clicking!


ps: And while you’re at it, check out my new book too!