I’m Back!

by sjbgilmour

I’m Back!  And, now that I’ve made it through the metric tonne of crap on my desk, I can start doing the important things, like explaining why Armies Of Nine is taking so freaking long, answering fan mail (Yes, I do get it occasionally!) and blogging.

crap 002 cropped



Armies of Nine.  Well, it’s like this…  I have a day-job.  And, I have two young kids.  Sometimes, these take up a lot of my time.  Also, I’m bi-phasic (that’s fancy new-speak for a bi-polar person whose moods swing rapidly).  The past six months have been bloody hectic, and on the odd occasion when I have had time to write, my head just hasn’t been in the right space to do so.  The good news is that things have calmed down a lot and now, finally, I can write.  July 30 is the official date, and nothing is gonna change that.  Armies of Nine will be released on July 30, 2013.

Fan mail.  While I do occasionally get the odd crazy missive from a reader, most are lovely.  Like this one!

“…I absolutely LOVE your books. They are the first ones about werewolves that I’ve heard about that isn’t gory. I am waiting excitedly for Armies of Nine. The way you write the books is so good that I can’t tell what is going to happen next…  …Please finish writing the next book soon. I can hardly wait!!”

Reading that just made my day.  Aren’t I a lucky bugger?



* (Don’t you just love that tin?  I bought it in Singapore.  It’s spot in my house is now right there in what was formally known as my “Hole” in our Ikea bookshelf.  That place has now been renamed “Sam’s Crap Hole”.)