My Twitter Rules

by sjbgilmour

Twitter’s fun.  I’ve met a lot of interesting people with it, and it’s a constant source of interesting stuff.  But, my stream can get frightfully cluttered, and so I have to cull my following list occasionally.

The types of accounts I unfollow are usually:

  • Inactive – Tweet, damn you!  And do it more than once a month.
  • Incessant sales pushers – If all you do is tweet “buy my book!”, I really can’t be bothered with you.
  • Retweeters – Look, I love a good retweet as much as the next guy, but if all you do is retweet stuff and don’t actually engage me or anyone else, adios.

Of course there are other reasons too.  For example If I see #ASMSG in your tweet, I’m probably going to unfollow you – even if it’s a retweet.  I’ve had to block a number of people from that group because they’ve gone past being rude and pushy to just fucking annoying.

If you’re a “life coach” or a “mentor”, you can also fuck right off.  Same goes for anyone who tells me – not asks – to follow or like them or their page.  Be polite and you’ll go places.  Suggest your pages or products to me all you like, but if you get demanding, then it’s sideways with a rusty rake for you.

Rant over.  Move along.  Move along.