Guest Post – Catherine Stovall

by sjbgilmour

Next author on the block is Catherine Stovall. Isn’t she lovely?

Author Expose with 20 Questions – Hard, fast, random and possibly embarrassing

Hiya Catherine.  Come on up… watch your step there…  There.  Great to see you!  Now, before we begin, let’s just look at your vital stats for a minute…

Author name (just in case it’s different from what’s up there in the title of this post):

Catherine Stovall

Bio: – must include city & country, age, marital status/dependants – after that, it’s up to you:

I will not tell my stalkers where in Missouri that I live so you will have to suffice with Sandland, Missouri Untied States. Ummm… age… really? Do I have to? Sigh. Okay. I’m 32. Married to the love of my life with the three most wonderful demons ever born.

Latest release:

Reborn: Requiem of Humanity Series: Book 2 (Available in Print on April 12th

Current Work In Progress: (pick just one WIP please!)

  • Oh that’s hard. Ummm… okay stick with the trust series. I am working to complete Eternity: Requiem of Humanity Series: Book 3

If you could switch genders for a day, with whom would you do the deed?

Oh! Hmmm… Otep Shamaya. Lead singer of Otep. She’s my total girl crush.

And now the 20 questions…

1  Let’s start off with your writing style.  Plotter or Pantser?

I try to plot but it does no good. My characters are snots and they poison my plot bunnies and replace them with their own. 

2  And just how disciplined are you when it comes to your writing.  Do you set yourself goals for word-count or pages, that sort of thing?

 I set goals for word count, deadlines for completion and editing, and I make lots of list. This has resulted in 25 unfinished projects and lists of lists. I didn’t say I was good at being disciplined. 

3  Who does your cover art?

Alaskan artist, Christy Weber provided my cover for Stolen and Fearful Day. Another, private artist supplied the cover for Reborn

4  In twenty words or fewer, what do you think the future looks like for traditional publishers?

Traditional publishers are adapting, conforming, and redefining to include non-traditional methods. They certainly are not going anywhere. 

5  Now I know we all put a lot of ourselves into our novels, but I’m also curious about what we leave out.  Are there any aspects of yourself that you’d like to work into a character that you haven’t already?

I’d someday like to have a character that faces some of my very personal issues. I’d like to see more awareness about those who suffer from bi-polar issues and remain non-medicated.

6  What about the reverse?  Are there any experiences you give your characters that you’d love to try but haven’t yet?  Be honest – a “No comment” will result in me making something up, probably sexual.

My characters travel to some pretty amazing places. In the Requiem Series they hang out in Budapest at the Vajdahunyad castle. It is my dream that I will someday get to visit and touch the pen belonging to the Anonymous Statue.

7  I’m sick of reading about which authors writers admire.  What was the last book you just couldn’t finish & why?

Thirst by Christopher Pike. The nearly constant guy action type scenes and weird writing style simply made me want to scream.

8  Do you scrunch or fold?

Fold and then realize I don’t really want to be doing what I’m doing so then I scrunch it all in the dresser and say the heck with it. 

(I had to explain later to Catherine that I was referring to toilet paper.  I think I managed to make her blush.  Ed.)

9  Sorry about that.  Told you there’d be random questions in this thing.  Let’s get back to the types of books you read.  It’s pretty safe to say most writers read – either willingly or they force themselves – a variety of genres.  What about the styles in those genres?  I always have trouble reading first person, present tense.  Are there any styles you like more than others?

I can neither read nor write present tense. First person is okay but not my favourite. It really depends on the author’s capabilities to write in that style.

Okay here are a few hot-topic questions

10  Censorship.  Where do you stand?

Freedom of speech is a treasure to every author. However, censorship is not always bad. I do not want my children seeing or hearing some things. I can’t always monitor what they get their eyes and hands on because they are teens and I think general censorship assist me with my parental duties.

11  Some writers make their work DRM free so the files can be copied, traded, shared etc.  Some go bananas at the very idea.  How do you feel about it with relation to your own work?

My work is mine and if someone wants it for free they can talk to either my publisher or me to receive a review. I don’t do DRM free because let’s face it, eBooks are not that expensive and if you can pay for the internet service and equipment to be downloading free stuff, you should be able to spare a dollar to buy a book. 

12  Are there any trends in the lit/publishing world you hope will end soon?  If so, what are they?

The erotic content obsession in every genre. Even YA books are filled with multiple sex partners and highly sexual scenes anymore. Erotica is great if you are into that genre but to include it in everything is just not cool.

Let’s get back to some other random pieces and bits…

13  Have you ever read a book and wanted to slap the writer?  If so, what book, which writer, and why?

Oh this is going to get me in trouble. The entire Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. She has a wonderful ability to tell a story and unique ideas. At the point I realized that she was going to leave the plot and all the cool stuff as a backdrop for the unhealthy teen relationships and Bella’s whiney indecisive ways, I wanted to slap her stupid. Oh if she had only focused more on the events, I might have been able to really love those books. 

14  When I’ve finished a draft and have it ready for beta readers, I set them a set of parameters within which to work – find errors, point out bits they find repetitive or annoying, and most importantly of all, watch for breaks in characters (Sarah wouldn’t say that!).  And, I want it done within three weeks.  What sort of demands do you place on your betas?

I don’t use beta readers often. I occasionally send out a small section just for general reaction to what I’m writing because of my tendency to dip into very dark places. All, I want is to know from those select people is yes or no on if I have overstepped boundaries.

15  Have there been any scenes you’ve edited out because of a negative reaction from a beta, only to regret it once you released the work and got feedback from the public?

I deleted four paragraphs that detailed the SL550 from a scene in Stolen. I personally miss those paragraphs because the car is just amazing. 

16  We all joke about it, even though we could probably get in serious trouble if a real person thought we were basing a character on them, but have you ever given a character in your work traits from someone you know in real life?

I take volunteers. I love basing my characters off of real life people and they seem to enjoy being a bit of entertainment and inspiration for me. 

17  Don’t name the real-life person, but which character, in which book are you referring to?

Soborgne and Jenda’s first meeting in Stolen is based off the day I met my best friend of 27 years. Andras from the Requiem of Humanity Series is based on a friend as well. There are just too many. 

18  Where are you most ticklish?

Oh, everywhere. You can just threaten to tickle me and I will bust out laughing. 

19  We’re all selling ebooks, but as a reader, how do you feel about them compared to paper?

I really enjoy reading paper back more than eBooks. Nothing will ever beat the tangible book for me.

20  Once I start a book, I usually know within the first few pages if I’m going to keep reading.  If I do decide to stick with it, I’ll often stay up late or ignore all manner of pressing tasks, just to finish the book.

I called in sick one day to finish reading the Black Jewels Series by Anne Bishop. I know, I know. It is horrible but they are really good books. 

Wow!  Thanks Catherine!  It’s been great having you on the show.  Before we cut to a commercial break, where can people find you and your books?


Untreed Reads

Twitter @CathStovall




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Thanks everyone!  You’ve been a great audience.  Good night!