One Star To Snow White And The Huntsman – And It Didn’t Deserve That Much.

by sjbgilmour

So last night Superwife and I watched Snow White and the Huntsman on dvd. That, my friends, was almost as big a let-down as Prometheus. What ridiculous casting. Even Theron’s performance was forced and wooden. She should stick to playing crazed lesbian serial killers. Stewart’s ridiculous display of her single expression through the entire move was fucking awful.

The screenplay seemed to suffer from the “shit this is boring, I need to liven it up a bit so I’ll add a troll or a dragon or something” complex. If they’d spent half the money they did on the special effects for the troll, on actually coaxing better performances out of the cast – except Bob Hoskins, who was brilliant as always – I might have been able to give it an extra star.

And, the real nail in the film’s coffin was during the entire film, I was constantly wondering in what fucking universe could Stewart be considered more beautiful than Theron? Shtoopid. 1 star.