10 Things For 2013

by sjbgilmour

Don’t ya just love lists? Here’s mine for 2013 of things I’m doing with different things or subjects.

  1. Social media:  Cut more of my Faceb0ok time.  Razor-style.  I’ve already quite about 20 groups, and I’m quitting more.  Be more brutal with Twitter.  If all I see are re-tweets, cheesy little pearls of advice, or “buy my book!” tweets, out they go.  Klout, Linkedin etc ignored completely.
  2. Writing:  Release Armies of Nine, Swapper (yes, my cop vs killer slasher has a name), and with any luck, book 4 in the Wolfenvald series and another paranormal erotic.
  3. Health (personal):  I’ve lost about 7 kg’s in the last 3 months, and I’m exercising a lot more.  I’ve set an exercise goal to reach and I reckon I need to lose another 10 kg’s.  It’s possible. It will be done.
  4. Health (family):  The Wonderkids love the water, and there are two pools nearby.  This year, we’re swimming.  It’s also going to be worth a try getting them to join me on the exercise mats for stretching etc in the mornings before I ride to work.
  5. Family:  Less travel, more time with Superwife & Wonderkids.
  6. Day Job:  See #5
  7. Reading:  Hardly the Goodreads 100 book challenge,  but I am trying to knock over at least one book a week.
  8. Blogging:  Starting Feb 1, I plan to have a regular author interview spot.  Details to come.
  9. Study:  Superwife is Polish by birth.  She speaks the language fluently.  I’ve studied it a little.  It’s time to go back to it and learn it with the Wonderkids.
  10. Money: I need to cut out some discretionary spending, like paying to have the lawn mowed or getting the dry-cleaner to do my shirts so I don’t have to iron them.  I really should do this shit myself.

There.  Aint it good to have goals?