I Reject You

by sjbgilmour

I reject you.

I reject your paranoia and grandiose sense of entitlement.

Are you a policeman on duty?  Are you security guard?  Are you in a war zone?

Are you a hunter-gatherer?  Is hunting game the only way you can feed yourself and your family?

No.  You are a civilian and you live in a civilised society.  You do not need to carry a gun.


I reject you.

I reject the way you cling to an idea that was necessary centuries ago but no longer holds true.

Your ancestors were not under threat from bandits with high-powered and semi-automatic and automatic weapons.

Your ancestors did not have such a vigilant and fast-responding police force to serve and protect them as you do.

Yet you feel you need these weapons.


I reject you.

I reject your claim that you need guns to protect yourself and your children.

Your children at school or kindergarten do not carry weapons.  They cannot carry weapons.

How are they to protect themselves?  How are you, when your guns are at home, accessible by any who would use them for evil?

Your claim of responsible ownership is invalid.


I reject you.

I reject your use of statistics about attacks involving non-ballistic weapons as an excuse to own guns.

“Guns don’t kill people; people kill people.”  True.  But, goldfish do not kill people; people kill people.

There is no article in any law regarding your right to own a goldfish.

If your argument is that the user, not the device, should be blamed, then you are to be blamed.  You.


I reject you and your right to bear arms.

I pity you, living in a society where some of your fellows think as you do.

I fear you and your casual acceptance of violence.

I loathe you for allowing the proliferation of guns.

I respect your right to speak and think as a free person, but I do not accept that you or anyone can always do so without consequence.  Stand up against gun-control and tragedy will occur again and again.


I do not weep for you and your perceived loss of any rights.

You are free.

You are free to leave the land in which you live for any number of other countries where, like my own, guns are legal, but harder for dangerous individuals to acquire.

I weep for those slain by those with guns who should not have them, but I do not weep for you.

I reject you.  I reject you.

I reject you.  I reject you.