I’m Going To Die With The World’s Biggest TBR Pile

by sjbgilmour

In two years, I’ve accumulated more than 7550 free Kindle ebooks.  That’s at least 3775 a year, or about 72.5 ebooks a week.  Assuming I can read a book a week (leaving at least 71 for that week alone as yet unread) , I’ll need to live until I’m 187 — another 145 years before I’ve read them all.

And that’s if I stop downloading these freebies.  If I keep going at the current rate, by the time I reach 187, I’ll have downloaded another 547,882 ebooks, which will take me another 10,536 years to read.  See my problem?  So, someone had better come up with a way of keeping me alive for the next 10,000 years or so, or I’m going to die with the world’s biggest TBR pile.