My Alpha-reader

by sjbgilmour

…or should I say my alpha-listener?  You see, I’m reading Armies of Nine to Miss6.  She gets one or two chapters at night as her bed-time story.  Now let me tell you, this is great for a few reasons.  I get to share a story with my daughter.  I get to spot problems and typos as I read every word aloud.  I get to gauge the quality of the story by just how well she reacts to it — and that’s the most important bit.

She’s loving it.  I mean jumping-up-and-down-on-the-bed loving it.

Sure I usually have to ask her to sit still while I read, but that’s for normal random 6 y/o wriggling.  This is Tigger & Roo – type bouncing.  That’s a pretty good inspiration for me.  I mean, kids are honest.  If they don’t like a story, it doesn’t matter who wrote it, they’re going to tune out.  I think I’m onto something…