Update With (Name Withheld) Cycles

by sjbgilmour

Well!  After a night to cool off, I duly took my bike back to the shop.  Phew!  You could have cut the air with a spoon.  The boss I complained to was gruff.  I was gruff.  The blokes in the service section were sullen and silent.  Ooh, it was a tense 20 minute wait for the head honcho to personally fix the bike, and I wouldn’t have wanted to be in the poor sod who did the initial service’s  shoes when I left.  The gear line from the handlbar wasn’t put back properly, the chain wasn’t fitted properly and the derailleurs (the gear-change/cog thingies) weren’t aligned right.

The bike’s fixed now (I hope!) and I should be back on the road tomorrow.  So that’s the result, but I also learned something.  I’ve got to learn how to do this kind of stuff myself.  I’d never bothered beyond a few basic things because my brother, who trained as a diesel mechanic, advised me that repairing bike gears etc is a black art and probably not something an un-mechanically minded fellow such as myself could learn easily.  Well, if I can learn how to format a document for Smashwords, I can learn how to fix derailleurs.  It’ll just be messier, but no matter; I’m washable.