Diet, Exercise And Those Apps

by sjbgilmour

Yep, I’m back on my bike.  Not just that.  I’m watching my calorie intake and recording my exercise.  Oh man.  There are so many books,  diets, clubs and all kinds of other crap that people (myself included) try when they’re on a mission to lose those kg’s.

You know what works?  Eat less crap.  Exercise more.  That’s it.  Pretty bloody simple.

But how do I know what’s crap and what’s not?  Okay, fair question.  One I couldn’t answer myself, so I tried a few of those apps for my iPhone where you scan the barcode, or enter the data manually, and it tells you your calorie count.  I finally settled on MyFitnessPal and put in all my vital stats and my eight-loss goal.  When you look at what you’re eating in raw stat form, it’s kinda scary to see just how much sugar and fat and general calories are in it all.  If I want to lose weight – even if I try to stick to 1500-1800 calories a day – it’s fucking hard.  Hence the exercise.

The app I use to track that is IMapMyRide.  It’s a nifty little gps tracking thing where, again, you put in all your vital stats, including the exercise type (I use it for riding, but it’s also good for hiking, jogging, walking etc) and away you go.

Now, with both of these apps, I use the paid versions, but the free ones will also do the job, only without all of the features and you get ads.  I hate ads.  One thing I don’t hate is the results I’m getting.  I’ve been at it for three weeks and I’ve lost about three kg’s.

I haven’t been paid for mentioning these apps.  I’m not spruiking them.  I’m just mentioning them because I get asked what apps I’m using.  There are others out there that may be better – these are just what work for me.