Kids – They Don’t Need No More Education

by sjbgilmour

We’ve all done it.   I’ve done it.  I’ll continue to do it too.  Can’t help myself.  You’ve probably done it too.   We’re happily writing away, creating our little stories and somehow we manage put it in.  The message.  That point we’re trying to make.  Sometimes, we’re subtle.  Other times, we hit you with it with nuclear strength.   The worst offenders among us writers are kids’ book writers.  But if you think they’re bad, have a look at kids’ TV.  Dear me.

Little Jimmy needs to learn not to judge or to keep trying or to be honest or to eat his greens, blah, blah, blah.  No wonder gaming is so popular among kids – especially the violent rpg’s and games like Grand Theft Auto etc.  They have no redeeming features.  They’re not trying to teach the kids anything.  They’re just fun.

I think I’m going to sit down some time over the next week to see if I can plot out a storyline for a book that has no uplifting little life-lesson or message whatsoever.  None.  I want my characters to be as unlikable as possible, for the bad guy (if there is one) to get away and more importantly, for the good guy to lose.  I may not get anywhere.  It may not result in anything other than wasting my time.  Or, it might turn into something.  I’ll let you know.