This Is Why I Wear A Helmet Cam

by sjbgilmour

Off the bat, let me just say I’m not one of these militant lycra-clad bike-nazis.  That said, I obey the road rules while on my bike, regardless of whether I’m on a path or the road.  I expect drivers to treat me the same as any other vehicle — not like this.

I got a snapshot of the driver’s plates.


This incident took place at about 7.45 am, Friday October 26, 2012 on Neerim Rd, Glen Huntly Victoria Australia.  The driver of this blue/green Toyota Corolla, registration number PNT 830, drove dangerously and broke the law.

Shame on you, driver of said Corolla.  Shame.  Yes, I called you a fuckwit – you may have to turn the volume up on the Youtube video to hear it.  You are a fuckwit.  You’re a dangerous, arrogant fuckwit who should not be allowed to drive.