Where I Rant About Romney

by sjbgilmour

This is just plain disgusting.


This kind of fucked-up thinking is what worries me about Romney.  It’s cool to be pro-life. I get that – even though I’m pro-choice.  It’s fine to be religious, be it Mormon, Muslim, Jewish, Hindi or whatever-the-fuck you want to believe in.  Hell, worship hub-caps if you want.  I just don’t care and it shouldn’t matter so long as your economic policies are sound and you keep your country and its people safe and and prosperous.
What’s not cool is to bring those kinds of beliefs into politics.  The kind of thinking Romney and co want to force America to adopt can set the world back several decades.  Equality for all?  Maybe if by “all” you mean white hetero males with lots of dollars in off-shore accounts.

Like it or not, the US leads the world in many respects, and is often looked up to when it comes to social issues like equality for women and also for minority groups — which, by the way, add up to waaay more than half of the world’s population.

Romney could fuck all that up.  Now really, there’s fuckall I can do about the US system, and it doesn’t directly affect me much anyway, but the flow-on effect of its politics does.  Australia, like many countries in the world, tends to follow the US’ lead.

It’s bad enough Australia has a coward Prime Minister who’s decided the only way she can battle it out in Aussie politics is by calling all her opponents misogynists.  That’s as bad as Obama getting up and saying (something he HASN’T done yet, by the way) that people don’t want him as President because he’s black.  Gillard’s opponents don’t care that she’s a woman — they care that her policies are bad and she breaks promises.

We can only just cope with the disaster we’ve got on our political plate.  We don’t need archaic, discriminatory thinking making things worse.

Ok.  Rant over.  Sorry if I’ve offended anyone, but dammit, I’m a husband, and I’m a father of two little girls and I’d hate to see my wife and daughters live in a world where they’re not free to choose what happens to their own bodies and be forced to live their lives as second-class citizens simply because they have internal plumbing.