Reading To Miss6

by sjbgilmour

Tonight I finished reading Golden Mane to Miss6.  There were times, just as I’m sure there were when we read The Hobbit, that the story was too complex or the situations and dialogue a bit mature for one so young, but she loved it.  I mean, she really loved it.

At the end, I asked her what she’d like me to read next.  Harry Potter?  Some more Famous Five?  Maybe Black Beauty or Robinson Crusoe?  Nope.  She wanted Renegades of Wolfenvald.  So, we began reading that too.

You know something?  It wasn’t until I finished the first chapter – and this is after we’d read the entire epilogue for Golden Mane – that I realised I’d been reading to her for an hour and was loving it every bit as much as she was.  That’s half an hour longer than I normally read to her for.

I’m getting more than just the enjoyment of reading to my daughter out of it.  I’m falling in love with the story all over again.  There were times when I hated Sarah Coppernick.  I was sick of the story and wanted to just delete the whole thing.  I guess that’s one of the reasons I wrote The Borrowed Kitchen.  I needed to get away from my fantasy tale about werewolves and enchanted thingamajigs.  My daughter’s enthusiasm for my little story has washed all those negative feelings away and given me a great sense of inspiration.  Armies Of Nine is coming along nicely, and there will no doubt be more after that.

I’m one lucky bloke.