Social Media Manners

by sjbgilmour

Now this little post might get me kicked out of a Facebook group or two.  You know what?  Great.  I’m in too many as it is.

Social media is great.  For me, since my books are only available in digital format and I’m doing no advertising in conventional media like papers, mags ans radio, my online presence is all I’ve got.  So, I need it.  And, I use it.  I try not to push too much because if I unfollow/unfriend/uncircle/etc/etc/etc a pushy profile, I reckon others will do the same to me.  Some people don’t get that.

Joining groups and forums online can be fun.  It’s meant to be fun.  If you join a group and say something like:

“G’day everyone! Thanks for having me here. Always up for new contacts, so feel free to friend me if you like:)
I’m also on Twitter: @sjbgilmour and my FB Author page is

— which is an actual introductory post I put in a Facebook group.  That’s fine.  It’s a hello and a simple, non-pushy intro with links.  People can use them or not as they see fit.  I won’t chase them, but I may thank them if they choose to do so.  It’s cool.

Here’s a tweet that’s not so cool:

“@(name withheld) Hi, (name withheld), I’m (name withheld) with (group withheld). I’ve followed you, and if you could follow back, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.”

Fuck me.  It’s pushy and I’m deliberately not following this profile because of it.  I’m never going to tell or ask you to follow me or re-post anything I say.  You should not make such demands of me.

Now when it comes to self-promotional posts, I feel the same way.  Spruik your product!  Go right ahead.  I really am interested in what you’ve created.  Since I mostly follow people in the lit/art world, I want to see such posts because there just isn’t enough exposure for them in conventional media.  Just don’t overdo it.  If all I see are ads for you, rather than actual posts, even if they’re just about what you ate for breakfast, I’m not going to follow you for long.

Maybe adopt a promo to general post ratio.  Or just post news about your product as it happens and leave it at that.  When I get a review, I post about it.  If I’ve released a new work, or a current work is on sale or free for a promotional period, I’ll post about it.  But I try not to do so too often without some general “me” stuff in between.

Same goes for requests for RT’s, shares or re-posts.  Bitches, please.  If I want to share your fucking post, I will.  Telling me to do so is the best way I know not to get me to do it.

There.  That’s my two cents.